Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape (rock tape) is a rehabilitative athletic taping technique used to prolong the effects of corrective exercises, provide support while allowing movement, aid the body in its natural healing process, decrease swelling and bruising,decrease pain and aid in proprioceptive rehabilitation.

K-tape has the unique ability to stretch so it moves with the joints and muscles instead of restricting motion, allowing for support through all ranges of motion. It can be worn for days at a time for prolonged effect.

When we are injured, the brain often disassociates from that area of the body,focusing more on pain than muscle and joint movement and function (proprioception). This often results in dysfunctional movement patterns which can contribute to further injury. K-tape targets different somatosensory receptors (sensory feedback from the skin), which can alleviate pain and trick the brain into thinking that the injured joint can move pain free. This can then allow the brain to stop sending alarm signals, and allow for muscles that may have been compensating and guarding the injured area to relax and heal.